In the first top photo Congregational missionary, John Elliott, stands before a log cabin and preaches to a group of Native Americans. Our historic stain glass windows are one of only a few stain glass windows created depicting Native Americans, adding to their unique historic quality. This window was dedicated to many early Michigan pioneers who were charter members of the church.

The second window at the bottom is based on a painting by the German artist Bernhard Plockhorst, represents Moses coming down from Mount Sinai and handing the Ten Commandments to Aaron. It was dedicated to the memory of Amos Gould , who helped to organize the church in 1853

             In 1840 when a group gathered in the Community's school house and formed the first church in Owosso. The Church was organized as the "First Presbyterian Church" and continued as such until 1853. When planning for a Church building, the Fellowship changed its denominational affiliation to Congregational and purchased the lot where the present Church now stands, and built a small brick church.

            The present building was built in 1891 using field stone from the Gould and Getman farms. Those persons who were the charter members of the Congregational Fellowship in 1853 are listed on the Pioneer Window on the north side of the Sanctuary. The building was remodeled with a new addition in 1953.  In 1956 the denominational relationship was enlarged when the Evangelical and Reformed Church united with the Congregational and Christian Church to become the United Church of Christ (UCC).

And Congregational Chile Development Center (CCDC)

Historic Stone Church

327 N. Washington St.

Owosso, MI 48867

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​Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am

We are a historic part of Owosso MI. You can view the website about historic markers by following the link. We also have an official historic markers placed at the front of the Church.

Our Historic Stained Glass Windows have been featured on Michigan State University Museums Stained Glass Census. You can follow the link to view the windows and the description on their website.

Pioneer Windows

        The building, however, is not the Church; it has been a place where the Church can gather to worship, learn and fellowship. At the present time you are part of this portion of Christ's Church. The people who have given of their time, talent and treasure have enabled it to serve these 175 years. And we give thanks.

         As we continue to use these facilities: "serving and being served, blessing  and being blessed, loving and being loved," let us be humbly thankful to be the church.

First Congregational Church UCC